Extra Curricular

Why students should participate in sports

The stressful and competitive academic studies of today do not give the students time enough to develop their qualities and build a strong personality. The studies do not allow them any practical knowledge or impart them necessary skills that would help them in future in the naturing of their careers. The theoretical knowledge given at schools is nothing more than mere words that they are mugging up for getting excellent grades in exams. Below are some of the reasons that students should participate in sports. Extra curricula activities should be part of the any school’s curriculum.

Helps one on how to function as a teamlmlmmlmflbmdlmbllbmlmblmldfmbldmfblmlfbmlfbdfbdfb

Sports benefit a child because they learn what it means to function as a team and be a team player. Learning how to accept winning and losing graciously is part of growing up. Leadership qualities are developed, as well. Good sportsmanship is an important lesson to learn. But, as a parent, it is important to learn and grow with your child when choosing the best sport for them to be involved.

Builds character and leadership qualities for career goal

Academic studies will carry a student well into the future while participating in a sports activity will develop character and leadership qualities needed for a career goal. Any student should be allowed to choose what if any, the sport they want to participate in. Sports activities have good and bad qualities.

Helps one to learn about fairness

Learning about honesty is another plus for the idea of sports. And the fact that one doesn’t always come out a winner. Its all about how the game is played, and not the results. Some students are just not comfortable with playing any sports and prefer to concentrate on their studies, and there is nothing wrong with that mode of thinking. The character is built in many ways, and it’s how one chooses to do it that counts.

Improves ones confident

Students in early adolescence usually lack self-confidedfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbdfbbfdbdfbdfbdfbnce. So for an all-round development of a student and for making him/her a better individual, it is necessary to combine studies with activities that will help them in enhancing their skills and abilities and thus improve their proficiency. Live the actual life!


If someone is pushed into a sports activity and fails, it leaves a lasting impression on them. Failure, and not living up to the expectations of someone else, can do more harm than good. If a student wants to participate and learns that he isn’t very good at it, choosing to stop playing is a choice that should be theirs, and only theirs. Parents and schools should not push or insist that their child is active in any sport that doesn’t make them comfortable.